Our Services

At Cutting EDGE, we're not just a run of the mill supplier of plastic products. We have an intensive and strongly dedicated R&D team that works tirelessly to bring the best of design and functional solutions to your home. Beyond our range of high-quality and aesthetically refined range of products we cater to providing our customers with the following services:

A) Product Design & Development

With good design knowledge at our core, we can work to even bring out your product ideas to life and develop them based on your requirement. Whether you want to revamp existing products or chalk out a completely new product from the ground up, you can be rest assured that our Design & Development team has years of experience with access to the best in knowledge experts from various parts of the industry to make your dream design a tangible reality in the shortest span of time.

B) Customization

It’s not always enough to provide the best of products, personalization is where we excel at. Whether you want to work on stamping your name, creating and adding colorful design patterns or customizing the look to make it yours through and through, our team will work with you to understand your design and personalization requirements to make it happen.

We work closely with all our customers to make sure that the design attributes fit the market segments targeted and identify potential problems early to ensure that there are no delays and to also ensure that you have the best possible product in your hands before you can even blink twice!

C) Personalized and Tailor Made Gifting Options

You want to work out a personalized gifting option for your customers? Missing out on an effective incentive plan for your employees? Just want to have the best possible way of saying “I care about you!”? Or are you just looking for the ideal wedding or return gifts to give to your guests or loved ones? Just tell us what you need and leave the rest to us.

We just work with you to figure out the who, what, when and where, and we work out the best possible options to create a unique gifting experience for your family, employees or customers into one that they will never forget. Building experiences - engineering memories.

D) Complete Solutions Provider

The advantage of working with a turn-key provider like us is that you do not have to look at us to get the goods, and then start to worry about the packaging, or the delivery or the customization. We are a single-stop solutions provider that make everything happen for you. Just make your selections, tell us what you need, and kick back on your favorite recliner and let us do all the work. After all, that’s what we’re there for…